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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Good Film

Take eight bucks out of your pocket and go spend it on a movie.

Not just any movie, but "One Peace at a Time," Turk Pipkin's follow-up to, "Nobelity."

The ever-cool, very-Texan, everywhere-at-home Turk took his camera and some good questions on a trip around the world for about a year. He visited twenty countries on five continents. The outline for this film is the idea that every child has basic rights to food, water, shelter, education, nurture, and peace. Turk looked at places in the world where that was not happening, and he looked at groups who are making that happen.

The movie is tough. Children drinking water with maggots in it. Girls with arms blown off by U.S.-dropped cluster bombs. Dead dogs in streets with flies on them. You may want your eight bucks back.

But then, you'll meet people who are working to make the world a better place. Nobel Laureates who are helping women start home-based small business, foundations drilling water wells in Africa, a Marine mom trying to ban cluster bombs. People who are good news in a great and terrible world. You'll be glad you spent the eight bucks.

The repeated refrain in the movie is, "Do something." Pick a cause, pick a challenge, pick an issue, pick an organization. Pick a problem and fix it. Help Glimmer of Hope drill a well. Help The Miracle Foundation care for orphans in India. Lend money though Kiva.org.

Here's a warning. The eight dollars you spend on this movie may end up costing you much more. It should. It's worth it.

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