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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why blog?

Why blog?

For years now I've read others' blogs, some religiously, some not so. And I've thought, varyingly, I should or I could do that. But I didn't. Till now.

Why now? Why blog?

First, it's not about self-promotion. (Or at least I say it's not.) On one hand, I don't care if you (or anybody else) reads this. On the other hand, I do care, I really do.

Not long ago I met a new group of friends and in the process discovered some old ideas...the ideas of fun, laughter, telling stories, thinking deeply, and being creative. Among other things, we went to an art gallery/studio and visited with the artist. I rediscovered creativity.

This group of new friends is preacher-heavy (all of us, in fact), and we began to talk about the sermon as art. (My aren't high art, by the way.) All of this made me think.

And so, this blog was born/is being born.

For me, it's a discipline. The discipline of taking the ten-jillion random thoughts that run through my simple little mind and making them coherent, a piece.

My major (increasingly major) form of writing these days is the sermon. And, with three services where I'm trying often to preach three different sermons (in order not to kill myself with boredom), I find my sermons are becoming schlockier and schlockier, too didactic, too-much dependant on others' thinking.

So, while this blog is a discipline, it's also a place to be creative, to think and express in different ways.

I'm hoping to find the narrative of life beyond the facts, the song beyond the sermon.


  1. My answer to "Why blog?"
    Fish gotta swim.
    Birds gotta fly.
    I gotta get this infernal roar
    outta my body
    and into print.